People who know the difference between good data and free data come to Kompli-Global.

Kompli-Konnect™ is the most complete and accurate corporate structure data available.

Current publicly available information relating to corporate ownership is flawed with gaps in the data and little, if any, verification of the facts when registering a company for the first time or on an ongoing basis.

Updates to Director information are quickly out of date and true controlling party information is easy to hide. No formal structure to the naming format makes it almost impossible to link ownership of other businesses, until now.

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Leverage the power of AI to
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is always accurate and up to date.

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An AI driven, Corporate Registry uncovering linked and connected entities

Kompli-Konnect Is a proprietary SaaS utility which operates as a corporate registry delivering the ability to establish conclusively the ownership structure of a corporate entity.

Kompli-Konnect identifies the principal officers, UBO’s, Directors, and Persons of Significant Control (PSC’s) of a corporate entity and then links them to other connected companies, addresses and Directors. Kompli-Konnect can be accessed via an API or through the Kompli-QED™ web interface platform.

Kompli-Global has ingested records from registries around the world such as UK Companies House then defragmented and re-indexed the data. Kompli-Konnect uses AI technology to link and connect related people to each other as well as other businesses, addresses and Directorships even if they have deliberately or inadvertently misspelled their name or used variations or an alias.

Kompli-Konnect holds historic data from the last 30 years and is updated daily so you will be alerted to any changes to records within 24 hours, making it the most current and accurate corporate registry on the market.

Corporate entity resolution

  • Directors, UBO’s, Officers and controlling party identification
  • Uncover persons of significant control linked to businesses
  • Links to other corporate entities and persons of interest
  • Close relations and known associates
  • Financially linked connections
  • Fuzzy name matching of variations and mis-spelling
  • Drill down to select the various levels of separation
  • Get the full picture!

Your Privacy is Important.

In accordance with Data Protection, any personal information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence so we promise not to re-sell or distribute your data. Our Privacy Policy describes which personal data is collected and for which purposes such personal data is processed by us.

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