Know Your Customer

Martin Pashley has been featured in the July issue of Casino International discussing what gaming operators need to do to tackle money laundering. ...

July 2019

The Planet Compliance RegTech Directory 2019

We have been included in the latest Planet Compliance RegTech Directory. ...

June 2019 Planet Compliance

It’s time for the gaming sector to up its AML game

Following the recent news that more UK gaming companies had been fined for failing to identify problem gambling and tackling financial crime, Martin Pashley discusses what gaming operators can do to tackle money laundering. ...

June 2019 EGR Global

Businesses need to make their voices heard when it comes to AML legislation

Jane Jee wrote this article for Financial Regulation International on the recent developments in 5MLD and whether it will truly support regulated entities as they struggle to tackle the world’s money laundering epidemic. ...

May 2019 Financial Regulation International

Pan European Regulator: Key Weapon In Money Laundering War?

Following the recent scrutiny on Revolut, Jane Jee was interviewed by PYMNTS on her concerns as to whether the FCA is carrying out thorough checks when it grants licences and if its monitoring and enforcement priorities are appropriate? ...

March 2019

Comment from CEO of AML Specialists Kompli-Global

There has been recent controversy of the tech start-up, Revolut who was accused of violating bank rules by switching off an automated system that flags suspicious transactions that could indicate money laundering. At the same time, an EU report has highlighted “a lack of political will to tackle tax avoidance and financial crime.” We argue that to truly take the fight to money launderers EU governments need to step up and work together to combat criminal activity but businesses shouldn’t wait for regulators to act but safeguard their own operations through the technology available. ...

March 2019 Fintech Finance

Tomorrow's Transactions

Jane Jee featured on the Tomorrow’s Transactions podcast, talking about how her background in law and technology and what made her move to compliance and being part of the formation of Kompli-Global. ...

January 2019 CHYP - Consult Hyperion

Emerging Payments Association Advisory Board

The Advisory Board’s purpose is to leverage the passion, talent, and expertise of the UK’s PayTech industry to help advance payments innovation. The board collaborates to identify common issues faced by the industry and EPA members, determine effective and feasible solutions, and influence relevant regulatory bodies by speaking with a common, unified voice. ...

January 2019 Kompli-Global

Mobile Payments’ Anti-Money Laundering To Benefit From “Nudge Theory”

As we move into 2019, Jane Jee explains how the “nudge” theory, of positive reinforcement towards AML systems, could help in the overall fight against money laundering. ...

January 2019 paymentweek


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