Jane Jee - QA Session.

September 2018 Kompli-Global

Jane answers questions about the company and explains why she, as both a barrister and compliance expert, was attracted to her current role.

This short video reveals how the huge and rapidly increasing amount of data added daily to the world wide web is making compliance particularly challenging for financial organisations (FIs).

FIs are obliged to check for adverse information before they onboard new customers and also perform such checks for existing customers under Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation.

The international body, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), has recently highlighted that major FIs are having to supplement existing database providers whose data is incomplete or out of date. FATF points out that smaller FIs, which rely exclusively on such suppliers, are at risk of missing vital information and being subject to regulatory action – fines or their business being restricted. Jane concludes that resorting to time consuming manual searching of the web, is costly and inefficient because important information is regularly overlooked or hidden from researchers.

To access this crucial information Kompli-Global has developed kompli-IQ™ - a multi-lingual, licensed software as a service (SaaS) search platform. Using proprietary machine learning technology, kompli-IQ™ interrogates a wide variety of global data sources – both structured and unstructured - for published adverse information on individuals and entities.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to judiciously search the World Wide Web and directories invisible to or ignored by conventional search engines, such as Google, produces quicker, more thorough and therefore accurate results also enabling the information revealed to be retained for audit purposes and future searches scheduled, so the bots can do all the work suited to machines leaving the human researcher to analyse and interpret any new results found.

In this video Jane extols the significant benefits of using kompli-IQ - a dedicated platform specifically designed to enable FIs to comply with AML legislation. The platform’s ability to search structured and unstructured databases is a winning combination and supplements and overcomes the deficiencies of existing databases.


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